Overcoming Stress: Giving Yourself Permission to Relax

A few months ago a local acupuncturist hurt her low back while she was gardening and approached me about a trade.  I had just started Tranquility Chiropractic Studio and was not used to hours of massage and manipulation.  Due to all the work, I had developed joint pain in my fingers, wrists, and elbows, so I agreed to come in for treatments.

The first day I went in for my acupuncture treatment, I marveled at her amazing office and assortment of herbal teas.  I sat down with a cup of cranberry tea and thumbed through her baby book (she specializes in fertility treatments) waiting for my initial consultation.

A few minutes later, the receptionist called my name and took me back to my room.  She gave me a hot towel to wipe my hands and feet and asked me to lie on a comfortable bed.  I relaxed for a few minutes and waited for my consultation…

By the third treatment, my joint pain had started to subside (minus the pain brought on by possibility that treatments could increase my fertility).  There was only one problem- IT WAS SO HARD FOR ME TO LIE AND RELAX FOR THE 45 MINUTE SESSION. I kept thinking about all the things I should be doing: filling out credentialing applications to become an in-network provider, harassing local businesses with my amazing fliers, cold-calling to set up my chair massages, dinner with my boyfriend that evening…  I just couldn’t get myself to relax!

That’s when it hit me…I needed to give myself permission to relax.  There was nothing else I should be doing at the moment.  I should be relaxing. At that moment with that realization, I was able to reconnect with the soft rise and fall of the ocean waves playing in the background- reconnect with steady in and out of my breath.  My heartbeat slowed, my mind relaxed, and I fell asleep.

Working Every Day To Take A Little Stress Out Of Your World!


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