Co-Treating Patients: Massage Therapists and Doctors of Chiropractic

Dr. Misty Funk, owner of Tranquility Chiropractic Studio, is interested in developing relationships with massage therapists in order to provide better treatment for her patients. Her goal is to co-treat clients who could benefit from the combination of massage and chiropractic. “It is my goal to work in conjunction with therapist to provide overall healing for patients,” states Dr. Funk.

“As a chiropractor, massage provides great benefits to the patient. Patients who receive regular massages respond more quickly to chiropractic treatment. Patient’s also tend to be less anxious and more ready to receive chiropractic adjustment after a relaxing massage, and adjustments can have a longer lasting effect when muscle tension is released,” she states.When we combine our services and work to address a patient’s multi-faceted problem, the patient will experience a decrease in the time it takes to heal, an increase in the results, and an increase in their quality of life.

(Massage Therapists) Have you have ever treated a client you suspect had an underlying problem? You can feel muscle tightness and pain, but you detect there may be something more to their pain? As a massage therapist, if you detect any of the following, you may have a client who could benefit from combined treatment of massage therapy and chiropractic care.

  • Trauma (Falls, Car Accidents, Direct Blows, etc.)
  • Pinpoint bony tenderness over the spine
  • Painful range of motion of the spine
  • Significant scoliosis observed during treatment
  • Potential spinal instability

Dr. Misty Funk specializes in the treatment of headaches, neck and back pain. Dr. Funk uses techniques specific to the area of pain including: manual therapy (myofascial release, ART, trigger point therapy), stretching, manipulation, and rehabilitation. She is committed to send each referral given to her back to their massage therapist. To learn more about her, please visit her website at


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