thanksgivingHere’s to my amazing patients!  Happy Thanksgiving!

(I am only using first names…so don’t panic…you know who you are!)

  • Kristina- You make me laugh.  I love every minute of your visits.
  • Brock- Thank you for forgiveness.  God knows I need plenty of it!
  • Chrystal- You love to talk and so do I.  I couldn’t wait until your next visit (and now I miss you)!
  • Rachel- I love your stories of Nora and Gus.  I now vicariously have dogs!
  • Lau- I appreciate your loyalty.  Thanks for not giving up on your treatment plan!
  • Chris- Thanks for your amazing design and great advice.  Tranquility has a face because of you.
  • Stephen- Stephen you are amazing!  I have a web presence because of you.
  • David- You are my greatest supporter.  I am always happy to hear about your week.
  • Mike- You are the best researcher.  No one has ever looked up everything I ramble on about.  And thanks for saving from the embarrassment of not knowing who Mack Brown was!
  • Nicole- I LOVE LOVE LOVE talking to you.
  • Tomoko- You are my adventurer.  I admire your courage and passion.
  • Josh- Thank you for telling everyone about me.  You have been my biggest referral source.  Don’t forget to put in the magazine one of these days!
  • Robin- I am always excited to hear about what you are working on.  Congrats on the new house!
  • Adam- You are my talented one.  I am always excited to hear your business is growing.  PS. Watch out!  Robin may just quit her job and become an electrician.
  • Sean- Thank you for listening.  Thank you for caring.
  • Larry- Thanks for sharing your story.  I am very proud of you.
  • Morgan- Thanks for coming in on a Saturday to be my model!
  • Pamela- I miss you so much.  Thanks for sharing all of your acupuncture knowledge.
  • Giselda- You are my ideal patient.  I am so happy to be able to help you.
  • Patricia- Thanks for the copay stickers and all the great advice!
  • Brandon- Thanks for the amazing online review. Several people have become new patients because of you!
  • Paul- It was great to learn more about Canada. I hope you are having fun freezing your tush off up there.
  • Brad- My only patient who loves his exercises. If I had to choose a patient as my child, it would be you. Do you eat your broccoli, too?
  • Nancy- I am so happy I was at the right place at the right time to meet you!
  • Betty- I loved visiting your digs! It’s always great to see you at Starbucks with your son.
  • DeDe- DeDe was famously early for every appointment. I may have you call a few of my no shows and teach them a lesson or two. Lol!
  • Ray- I enjoy our conversations immensely. You fill my office full of politics, spirituality, and class.
  • Camille- Thanks for your referral. I hope you are recovering quickly.
  • Cindy- Limp in one day; Run out the next. You made me feel God-like in my healing abilities! =)
  • Rand- Thank you for driving so far for treatment. You are super dedicated!
  • Eileen- You were one of my first patients. Thanks for helping with my confidence!

I love you all!

PS.  If I have forgotten anyone, you will get a complementary 15-minute massage at your next visit!

Dr. Funk


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