Increase Bone and Joint Integrity with Glucosamine and MSM

A recent conversation with Dr. Ron Grabowski, my old nutrition professor at Texas Chiropractic College, reminds me of supplements that support the increase of bone and joint integrity.

Many of my patients want more than the quick fix.  They do not come in for a few visits and leave only with improved range of motion and no pain.  They want to fully support their bodies with good food and supplementation to build healthy tissues through out a lifetime.  If this fits you, I encourage you to take Dr. Graboski’s advice.

He encourages patients to follow this regiment to support bone and joint health.  “Here are the recommended dosages for glucosamine (1500mg/day)and MSM (2000-3000mg/day) I am not a big fan of chondroitin due to it’s large chemical structure.”

Contrary to what we are told about chondroitin, Dr. G feels that the chemical structure of the compound is so large, the efficacy is very low.   I encourage all of my patients to follow his advice…as I call him my “Nutrition Guru”.

Hope this helps!
Dr. Misty Funk


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One Response to “Increase Bone and Joint Integrity with Glucosamine and MSM”

  1. Mississauga Chiropractor - R. Rodway Says:

    Thanks for posting this topic, I find it very useful when it comes to educating my patients. Since I will be attempting my own blog shortly this has given me great insight on topics to discuss. I will be back here more often. thanks again.

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